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About Us

Marine and Civil Maintenance Pty Ltd (MCM) is an industry leading engineering rehabilitation business. A core focus of our business is concrete repair and cathodic protection systems. We re-engineer and extend the life of ageing infrastructure assets by developing and delivering optimised Whole of Life (WOL) solutions.

We focus on enhancing a range of assets from wharves, bridges, buildings to general concrete, steel and timber structures, our quality delivery service is mobile, flexible and efficient. We offer a range of commercial models to meet your needs across the Australasia region.

Built over 15 years our strong industry brand and reputation creates in excess of 50% of projects awarded through repeat business. Key attributes that form the foundation of our success includes:

  • A 100% commitment to establishing a “no-harm” culture on all projects we deliver. Our mandatory commitment ensures we maintain a safe working environment for everyone involved in the project.
  • A continual strive to develop and maintain a technically capable and diverse workforce. This dedication to our workforce ensures we maintain embedded within our organisation essential skills and expertise to meet our client’s objectives on all projects delivering high quality standards no matter how challenging.


  • Implementation of a robust and comprehensive project management systems (IMS). Our governance framework ensures a low risk solution is provided to our clients through transparency, timely and accurate communications, and performance reporting.
  • Our asset management capabilities bring a Whole of Life (WOL) focus to all projects. This ensures cost benefit analysis on all critical project elements and the optimisation of WOL benefits.
  • A collaborative approach supported by a flexible delivery model. We work with our clients to ensure the appropriate allocation of risk between parties delivering an efficient and cost effective solution right for the project.
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Since 2001, MCM has built a reputation of quality by successfully delivering hundreds of complex projects across regional Australia. Based in Sydney, our flexible and mobile integrated system provides the essential governance and management framework to ensure a ‘no-harm’ low risk solution is delivered.

As a specialist rehabilitation contractor our primary goal is to add value by delivering focussed cost effective solutions that are of a high quality standard. Essential to our success, our engineering expertise and technical knowledge is embedded across our workforce and maintained at the work face that is supported by a centralised engineering team.


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